So you know I stopped in Lanesboro and Whalan, but then I came back to Preston. It was still rainy when I got back. So I stopped for some food at the trucks on the main drag, then walked down to the studio to warm up, listen to Bill's State True Team Track & Field reports, and eat my food. I had a grilled cheese and burger from Abby's Concessions, then hit up Dough Boys to shop local even for fair food. I watched the Gophers softball game online in the studio, so that wasn't good, but the food was delicious.

Finally, it was time to set up for the parade. Luke was going to be there, but since my vintage baseball game was cancelled, I figured I could head over and join him on air. A few of the paraders had to pull out due to weather, and that was too bad. The rain stopped just a couple minutes before the parade.

So we got some royalty to wave to us, and I had to go off air a couple times to get some candy thrown at me. I myself didn't bounce or slide up there, but I'm sure that would have been a good time. I may have stopped over to the Club after it all. Hopefully the weather is good for next year's Trout Days. They had to push the fireworks to Sunday. How was your Trout Days?



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