All you have to do it VOTE!

I'll be the first to admit that I don't really get into all the singing competitions that are on TV these days. At least, not anymore.

I got pretty burned out from American Idol because outside of the occasional Kelly Clarkson, or Carrie Underwood, they don't churn out any BIG stars anymore it seems and it's tough for me to devote my time to same old thing on other networks too.

Having said that, I will however cheer on and support any and all local talent that make it past the opening rounds such as Jesse Larson did on season 12 of The Voice.

The Minneapolis born-and-raised musician is competing against three other finalists for The Voice crown.

I'm cheering for Jesse, because after watching just a few episodes, you can just tell how much music means to this man's whole life. He truly loves what he does and it comes out that way anytime he opens his mouth on the show.

The kicker was during last night's finale when he busted out some Prince, in a nod to the late and great purple one. If that doesn't do us Minnesotans proud, then I don't know what else should? You can watch that performance below:

Man, did he nail it!

Plus, you can tell his talent is impressing other musicians as well, like my friend and local Rochester talent Chris Lawrence has even become a fan of Jesse as well:

I guess what I'm saying is, please cast a vote (or 10) for Jesse! Not because he's from Minnesota, but because he's truly the best and has earned the right to be the winner of this season.

So be sure and watch Jesse Larson in The Voice finale tonight at 8 p.m. on KTTC or your local NBC affiliate.

You can vote for him now on Voice Facebook page, The Voice official app, and by streaming or buying his song on Apple Music.

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