It is National EMS Week, where people who work in the field of emergency medical service. This is your firefighters, paramedics, police officers, volunteer first responders and volunteer firefighters.

Wether they do this for a living, or volunteer their time to help others, these people play a very important role in our communities.

Growing up, I always wanted to be a firefighter. That was my dream. My grandpa was a lifelong paramedic with Gold Cross, my father is a police officer and my brother is a firefighter. It would have been pretty sweet to join this amazing crew. Needless to say, the bravery gene might have missed me and I ended up on the radio.

Anytime I hear the acronym "EMS" I immediately think of my family, and how they have put their communities first, and how awesome that really it. The people in the EMS field deserve much more than a week of appreciation, and there is no doubt about that. I know I certainly appreciate what they do for our communities.

That is why EMS Week is important to me. It is a time to give thanks for those who volunteer their time to make our communities better. They help make our communities safe, and they are the first people to arrive when someone is in need of some help.

So take some time to thank your local EMS members. They certainly deserve it!

This week, you will hear special EMS programming on 103.1 KFIL. Be sure to stay tuned throughout the week!

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