This past weekend, as you may have heard, was a busy one. On Saturday, we had the Whalan Stand Still Parade, Trout Days was going on, and there were a whole lot of treats in between. I actually started my Dessert Saturday in the morning.

Saturday, I stopped once again at the end of the the ice cream trail. I may have had a couple scoops by 11:00, when I was heading to Whalan for the Stand Still Parade. Before I got going, I had to hear more updates from Bill at State True Team (congrats on some good showings by the St. Charles boys team and the Lanesboro/Fillmore Central girls team). Then, after listening to the Lanseboro band and the bagpipes, I had to get more dessert. I had been thinking about lefse


since Syttende mai needed to be celebrated, so I rolled a couple of those. Yum!

After hanging out in Whalan, I headed back through Lanesboro to get to Preston. The food looked quite nice, and I figured I needed more dessert. I had hear about Dough Boys online, so I figured I better support them. I ordered the Monster Cookie flavor, and just walked down to the studio to enjoy it. It was good. Luke was jealous I got some before the parade.

And speaking of the parade, we broadcasted it live on KFIL! So if you weren't up close on the sidewalk in the rain, you could still hear us. But the rain did stop right before the parade, so we were good. I got by best wave on and got some candy out of that deal. IO finally needed something other than sugar, so I headed up to Abby's concessions, and she made it to order-I wanted grilled cheese and a burger, and she combined it! Abby actually debuted her Abby's Concessions at Trout Days last year, so it was good to see the truck up here again.

So that was some of my Saturday. How was your Trout Days?

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