Three nights in a row, I have seen the same guy in the same truck doing the same thing...delivering packages in my neighborhood so they arrive on time for Christmas.

I know that the delivery drivers are working tremendously hard right now so our Christmas season is merry and bright.  It pained me a bit though seeing our UPS driver for the third night in a row at a pretty late hour.  He was running back to his truck after delivering a package to the neighbor and I only saw him because of his headlamp.

I was leaving my house to take the kiddos somewhere fun and he was still working.  When I came home tonight, we had 5 packages, so I know he stopped at my house and ran down our very long driveway to place them carefully on our doorstep.

I've seen some Pinterest creations and Instagram posts of people leaving things for those who are delivering packages this time of year.  As I drove out of our neighborhood again tonight and passed his truck, I made the executive decision to have something for our hardworking delivery drivers for our neighborhood.

I created a basket that will be out on our front step in the morning for those who are delivering packages to my house.  These are just ideas and things I had on can change this list in so many ways.

Basket of Smiles for our Delivery Drivers

  • water bottle
  • bananas (if it is too cold...I won't put those out since they will turn brown)
  • packages of almonds
  • granola bars
  • chips
  • package of gum
  • mints
  • ...and a little bit of chocolate

I know we have several packages coming still so hopefully, this will be beneficial to those who are working hard in the cold temps this Christmas season.

Thank you to all who are working hard to help make these next few weeks merry & bright!

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