A new survey has compiled the coolest buildings in all fifty states, and as it turns out, Minnesota's coolest building is only a little over an hour and twenty minutes from Rochester.

Google Street View
Google Street View

So just what is Minnesota's Coolest Building? Well, according to a new survey by Insider.com, that'd be the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory at Como Park in St. Paul. Which, according to Google Maps, just about 83 miles north of Rochester along good 'ol Highway-52. (Okay, you have to also head east on I-94 and then north on Lexington Parkway, too, but I digress.)

At any rate, Insider.com says this about why they declared the McNeely Conservatory Minnesota's Coolest Building:

The Marjorie McNeely Conservatory at Saint Paul's Como Park was opened to the public in 1915, and features Japanese, Bonsai and Butterfly gardens, among others, the site says.

Uh... ok. Those sound lovely and all, and the photos of the Conservatory do make it seem rather impressive. Seeing as I've not been there in person, I guess I'm not really qualified to comment on it, but I'm wondering if it's REALLY the coolest building in the entire state?

Heck, right here in Rochester, Mayo Clinic's Plummer Building, which opened back in 1928 (and is a designated as a National Historic Landmark) is also pretty cool. And how about the Foshay Tower in Minneapolis, or even our newly-renovated state capitol building in St. Paul? They're pretty cool too.

What do you think is the Coolest Building in Minnesota?



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