Whoever said there's nothing to do in Preston hasn't looked very hard.  Saturday started with an early morning thunderstorm.  My day started setting up our booth for Preston's Farmers Market and Craft Show.  Leaving my business partners to man the booth, I headed to B&B Bowl to hang out with "my kids" on the Junior Bowling League. The restaurant was very busy serving hungry patrons breakfast; Shelly and Shawna flipping pancakes and buttering toast as fast as they could. Then back downtown to finish up the last couple hours of the market.  We had a wonderful group of vendors with a variety of products and a lot of eager shoppers!  I made a couple purchases, a huge cinnamon roll from Rainy Days and Mondays Sour Dough Bread Baking Company (there went the diet) and a coffee-scented sachet from Karen Schmidt.  The Sweet Stop and Sandwich Shoppe was busy feeding a car club from The Cities.  Urban Artifacts of Preston was bustling with activity, folks shopping for rustic items and refurbed furniture.  After packing up our wares, I set out on a drive around town.  First stop, Blossom Hill Orchard and Farm for my favorite apples, Fireside.  Patrons were scooping up apples, honey, pumpkins and Hillary's baked goods.  My drive home concluded by taking in some of the businesses and homes decorated for the season.  Have nothing to do?  Look harder!  You'll find a lot to do in Preston!

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