We have heard all the comparisons before. LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and others. Yet, this player is the one we should be compared to the GOAT himself. She is as clutch as they come.

Arike Ogunbowale hit a buzzer beater to knock off undefeated UConn in the Final Four, who was widely considered to be the best team in the country Friday night. Then they came back with another buzzer beater to win the National Title over Mississippi State Sunday night. Mississippi State fell in the title game last year as well.That means in the past 3 days, Ogunbowale has hit the two biggest shots of her life against the toughest opponents at the Women's NCAA level.

This one is for the National Title, from Almighty KB2x via YouTube:

And this one is to advance to the National Championship from the 6man via YouTube.

I mean if we are going to compare someone to the GOAT MJ himself, she has to be in the conversation. She stepped up in the biggest game of her life twice in a row and delivered. I think MJ would be proud.

On another note, Notre Dame was trailing 30-17 at the half of this game. That shows you right there that you can never give up until the clock hits zero. Congrats, Notre Dame and Ogunbowale, what an incredible run!

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