If you root for a Minnesota sports team, I would wager that the odds are fairly high that you aren't a fan of Chicago. Whether it's the Bears, White Sox, or the Blackhawks, fewer things in life are more enjoyable than seeing a team from the Windy City take a big, embarrassing L. I still smile when I think about any random Jay Cutler pick 6.

But this past Thursday, I found myself being happy about a Chicago Blackhawks victory for the first ( and perhaps only) time ever. That's because after a third period injury to their second goalie, the Blackhawks had to put in their emergency goalie, Scott Foster: A 36-year-old accountant who has never played professional hockey outside the "beer leagues". The dude ended up playing for 14 minutes and stopped 7 shots on goal for a 6-2 Chicago win.

Rivalry aside? That's pretty awesome. Imagine what it would be like to be a random dude who gets put into an NHL game and ends up stopping 7 shots made by professional hockey players. Then imagine what it would be like to walk into the office on Monday morning with all of your coworkers knowing about your rink heroics. I want that feeling, man. Someone get that dude a beer.

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