As a young child, my grandma always hid eggs throughout her backyard, and my brother and I would have to race to find them. My patience (or lack thereof) didn't help me find many eggs...and that turned into brawls...over a quarter.

Yeah, my brother and I used to get into fights over Easter Eggs and who found them. It happened so much that my grandma then had to give us each a certain color of egg that only we could find, just to make it fair. As we grew older, the eggs became easier to find...I think this is just because she was running out of places to hide them.

With the eggs being easier to find, my grandma and mom decided to change things up a bit. Something, that I never really expected. We started to play games for the eggs, and this year it was bingo. My mom, as the bingo caller would call out the numbers for my brother, his wife, me, my girlfriend and even my grandpa joined in on the fun.

Now, I am one that has always said that traditions are the way to go and breaking them is just no fun, but bingo is something I can get behind. We still celebrate with the family, and we still get eggs, but all we changed was how we got the eggs and that doesn't break the tradition. It just changes it up, and that is just fine by me.

Have you ever changed up a tradition?

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