Yeah, southeast Minnesota just got little more smokey.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Texas Motor Speedway BBQ
Sarah Crabill

They opened their food trailer during Spring Grove's Homecoming Celebration, and they are continuing to deliver great food to those in their community, and on the other side of the border.

If you haven't checked it out yet, it is time for you to do so!

Patrick Longmire Jr. and his father, Pat Longmire, are the owners of Fat Pat's BBQ, and smoke all of their own meat. Pulled pork, chicken, ribs basically everything that is totally delicious, they smoke.

Longmire Jr. lived in Texas for awhile, and fell in love with the BBQ, according to the Post Bulletin. When he moved back, his dad and him started up Fat Pat's BBQ, where they serve the best Texas-style BBQ in the state, probably.

Their food trailer is the first in Spring Grove, and the Longmire's new it was going to go great, but some places they set up they almost sell out of food too quickly! Who would have thought!

I highly suggest heading to the Spring Grove area and finding some great BBQ at Fat Pat's BBQ. True, Texas-style food!

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