It was an electric atmosphere in Houston on Block Out Cancer Night, and the Spring Grove Lions were able to prevail 3-0 against the Houston Hurricanes during Homecoming Week.

Set 1 was not much of a contest, as the Lions dominated the play to take a 25-9 win, but the Hurricanes played much better in Set 2.

Leading for a majority of the set, but just couldn't come away with the victory. The Lions took the lead at 14-13 and never looked back, taking the set two win 25-21. Trailing 11-6, the Lions got some big plays from Mariah Edgington led the Lions on the comeback. A 7-0 run for Spring Grove gave them a 14-13 lead, and the carried it out for the victory.

Set 3 was very exciting as well, even though the Lions led throughout to get the 25-16 win and sweep. Houston got some solid play from Jennifer Albrecht and Ariel Scanlan, but they just couldn't make solid passes from back row to front row.


The Lions were very successful in that department, getting the ball into Kailee Olerud's hands efficiently, as she was able to set up Edgington and Lauryn Bohr. They put great swings on the ball, which made it difficult for the Hurricanes to set up their offense.

Amber Chapel and Rebecca Lee were bright spots on defense, along with Albrecht who made some nice blocks at the net. They just couldn't overcome the offensive power of Edgington and Bohr, who played great at the net.

KFIL Subway Player of the Game (Spring Grove) - Mariah Edgington

KFIL Subway Player of the Game (Houston) - Jennifer Albercht

Kingsley Mercantile Game Ball (Spring Grove) - Lauryn Bohr


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