After riding my bicycle around on a cool Saturday morning, I headed over to Spring Grove once again for their Homecoming celebration. There was a whole lot going on, and some Spring Grove pop was definitely consumed.

I got there in time to see the Spring Grove Veterans Memorial dedication. What struck me was the stories the memorial stones could tell. There were over 1,000 veterans honored; we can't thank our veterans enough. Thank you!

Then, after finding Luke and Shari, I had to step into the batting cage for a while. A few good hits was enough practice for when I play for the Lanesboro Excelsiors! Then to hurry over to the car show! There was a big timeframe to choose from, with pretty new cars, and one that was 105 years old! Wow!

Well, I had walked around a bit, and needed something to eat. The Norwegian food stand had been moved inside, so I went into the school for something other than a ballgame for the first or second time ever!

I figure for you folks, I would give you the Norwegian food lesson as well. It was all great as expected, and I washed that down with a strawberry Spring Grove soda pop.

Of course, a Homecoming celebration isn't complete without seeing some people in their old hometown. I saw one of my friends from back in the day that I don't think I had seen since his high school grad party back in 2010! I'm pretty sure I saw my 2nd grade teacher  in line for the Norwegian food as I had finished as well. I did kind of crash the whole "shindig", though. I wore a bit of Mabel-Canton gear in rival Spring Grove territory.

Before the parade, I got a root beer float (did I mention drinking Spring Grove Soda Pop?). Then a long parade, with some good candy. Bands were coming from all over the state to see us. The First Brigade Band was a band that marched through, that performed after the parade, and had before during the Memorial dedication. And there was one troll rollerblading through the parade, who reminded me of a former roommate.

And any day isn't complete for me without some baseball. The Spring Grove alumni

The Delivery

played "odds" vs. "evens," depending on what year they graduated. The "Evens" won it, despite some hustle and great effort by their opposition. As far as pitching is concerned, I believe Lonnie Morken, who was jokingly charged after hitting Dakotah Rostad with a pitch, took the loss.

So that was my Saturday. How did you spend yours?

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