I was hanging out at Spring Grove's Homecoming this past weekend, and it was an absolute blast! I was able to witness the Kid's Pedal Tractor Pull, the car show, checked-out some sweet old-school fire trucks and watched 103.1 KFIL's Ben Aberg hit in a batting cage! (Don't worry, we got video footage for you to enjoy!)

It was a ton of fun, and awesome to see the entire town buzzing. From the fest building, to the park, we had several different people at chat with us on Saturday. It was loads of fun, there was awesome food, and the weather was darn-near perfect.

It was my first time at a Spring Grove Homecoming, and it was cool to see all of the residents enjoying each other's company, whether it was for the first time in ten years, or they saw them everyday. It is always cool to see a community come together!

If you did not make it down to Spring Grove, Ben had a good time too and took plenty of pictures you can check out HERE.

Ben also took his turn in the batting cage, and that was glorious. He has a pretty solid swing, too. Maybe Coach Urbaniak needs to give him a couple of pointers...

I was able to snap a few photos, myself. Check them out!


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