I’ve always felt that Minnesota is one of the more underrated states in our country. Sure, we have winters that are often brutal, and we don’t live adjacent to an ocean, but there’s still a lot of beautiful things to love about the North Star State. We have gorgeous lakes, some amazing scenery, and the people have a thing for pretty nice, or so I’ve heard. In my opinion, Minnesota is definitely one of the best states to live.

A recent list from Forbes backs up that opinion, because Minnesota was recently named the 2nd Best State For Making A Living – narrowly losing out to Washington.

So what makes Minnesota so great? For one thing, we have a very low rate of unemployment – 3.8% versus the national average of 4.3%. We also have some major employers like the Mayo Clinic, Target, Wells Fargo, the state government, and the University of Minnesota – each employing about 20,000 or more Minnesotans. No wonder we’re so nice.

If you want to see which other states ranked on this list, including some of the worst states for making a living, click here. I better get back to work.


Source: Forbes

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