We know that Minnesota is about to heat up, and we could take a chance and hit the river or lake and jump in to cool off, or you could go on a Minnesota Ice Cream Parlor Trail that will cure your sweat tooth and cool you off.

The trail, put together by Only in Your State, starts up in St. Croix, Minnesota and takes you to a total of SIX different ice cream parlors, including two in Southeast Minnesota. The trail covers 150 miles, so the trip takes over three hours, but would be well worth it!

The final stop is at Fillmore County's own Another Time Ice Cream Parlor in Lanesboro! Here is what the post says about the little ice cream shop:

"The last stop on the ice cream trail is in the charming town of Lanesboro. This would also be a great spot to spend the night if all that ice cream has you tired. As the bed and breakfast capital of Minnesota, there are plenty of places to stay. But before you check in, head on over to Another Time Ice Cream Parlor. This brightly colored store is just as fun on the inside, and they serve great cool treats to match."

That is pretty sweet that a site like Only In Your State is taking notice of a pretty sweet place! I have eaten their myself, and it awesome! Have you checked it out?

The stop before it? Flapdoodles in Rochester! My girlfriend absolutely loves this place, and every time we go there, she gets the same ice cream. It is called "Cookie Monster" it is blue and delicious.

Here is what Only In Your State has to say about Flapdoodles:

"Our map leads to North Store location of Flapdoodles, but there are actually two locations. Both shops serve what is considered by many to be the best in the city. More than 50 flavors rotate through the two locations. All of them are handmade, and you are sure to love them"

Pretty sweet treats here in Southeastern Minnesota. Other towns on the trail include St. Croix, Afton, Hastings and Farmington!

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