Minnesota native Eric Decker is set to be traded or released by the New York Jets, according to ESPN (what a dumpster fire that organization is) That brings a question to the minds of many Minnesotans...should Eric Decker come back to Minnesota and play for the Vikings?

Yes, logically it might not make sense for the Vikings to bring in a veteran wide out. They already have two sure-fire starters in Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen, they spent a first-round pick on Laquon Treadwell two drafts ago and they signed Minnesota native Michael Floyd to a deal this off season.

So yes, it is not like there is room on the Vikings roster....BUT how sweet would it be to have Decker back in his home state and wearing purple? You know I would be all over that.

If Decker was to come to Minnesota, it would give the Vikings THREE Minnesota natives in their wide receiver corps (Thielen and Floyd are the other two)

Floyd is basically an experiment, but has a proven track-record of performing well. Yet, if he doesn't perform, the Vikings can cut him and basically lose nothing. It might not hurt to continue to build around Sam Bradford and give the Vikings QB more weapons to work with.

Yes it is an absolute long shot that Decker comes back to Minnesota. The Cold Spring native attended the University of Minnesota for his college ball, but has never been connected to the Vikings. Now might just be that chance.

Would you like to see Decker wearing purple in Minnesota?

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