Tuesday afternoon, I spent the time after my show to get some tourist stuff in. Then, the owners of the ice cream parlor in Lanesboro took us on on a day out.

The rest of the group started out with breakfast at the Spud Boy Diner, which I was not able to make. Then on to play a board game and learn some leadership skills along with it. And some juice. And pictures. Then we started to get more history to our day.

We started out at the Scandanavian Inn on our Bed & Breakfast Tour. I can understand why people stay in Lanesboro. We got to see one of three dumbwaiters in the town, some decorated eggs, and the view up top was fantastic.

The Habberstad House was up next. Going back with the history to it, Habberstads are going to visit Lanesboro from Norway this summer. They can keep up to 12 people there, and it used to be a hospital, a boarding house, and other things before it was a Bed and Breakfast. There is more about the place on their website

If you like the artistic walls and ceilings, the Thompson House was something to see as well. Looking up the stairs, it was something to match the walls. I also saw a gasolier (I think it's spelled). The piece combines gas power and electric power, as back when they had those, electricity wasn't so good, so they needed kerosene gas to make sure there was light for sure. So I understand it was half and half.

As they liked their spiral staircases back in the 19th century, they put one in there. There's also a window that gets cut off a little bit by it, but it was symmetrical with a window on the other side. An original Paddington Bear was up in a corner in the house as well. We ended that tour with some Hawaiian Shaved Ice. I got the Tiger's Blood. Winning!

I then returned to Sylvan Park after last being there for Rhubarb on Saturday. We had a picnic lunch, then were on our way to an Amish Tour. The tour was informative, and I ended the trip with some Lilac scented "Smelly Jelly" air freshener and some honey.

After all that, one last meal. I did my best Rocky Balboa impression before we ate some Italian food. There was definitely room for dessert again. Tiramasu I think it is called.

Thanks to Ron and Kathy again for a great day? How was your Tuesday?


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