Many kids in the country depend on their school lunches to keep them from going hungry. As summer is here, many of those kids will not have that school lunch there for them. Well, thanks to the help of NO KID HUNGRY, children in Southeast Minnesota don't have to worry about that.

Kids can continue to get healthy, filling meals this summer with this program. They have set up an easy process to find their locations, too!

All you have to do is test the word FOOD to 877877! After you send the text message, they'll get your zip code and point you in the right direction to get free meals over the summer!

Yeah, this program is awesome, and I even tried it out and it was about as handy as it can be. Yes, the program is free!

I used several different zip codes in southeast Minnesota and got several different locations. You can get involved, learn more and donate to NO KID HUNGRY HERE.

55965 (Preston) - Fillmore Central Elementary School

55971 (Rushford) - Ridgeway Community School in Houston

55975 (Spring Valley) - Central Education Center in Stewartville, LeRoy Ostrander Elementary School in LeRoy

55976 (Stewartville) - Central Education Center in Stewartville, Rochester Alternative Learning Center/Child Care in Rochester, Willow Creek Middle School in Rochester


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