If you haven't been listening to True Country 103.1 KFIL at 8:30 weekday mornings, you need to start. That is when Ben Aberg gives you a code word to help boost those chances Flyaway with Lady A! You can enter that code word HERE.

So when you get to West Palm Beach, Florida, what do you do? Well, according to Trip Advisor, here are three things to check out when you are looking good with Lady A!

1. McCarthy's Wildlife Sanctuary

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This place is pretty sweet! You get to check out some amazing animals, and even get a chance to interact with some smaller animals! Tours are held Tuesday through Saturday at 11am, 12pm and 1pm! Check out their website HERE.



2. Segway Tours

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Have you ever rode a Segway? Well now is your chance in Florida! You get to experience the beautiful scenery in West Palm Beach! Also, who wouldn't want to ride a Segway?!? More info HERE.




3. Downtown West Palm Beach

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Beautiful downtown scenery and enjoyable night life! So when you and your guest are looking for something to do at night, look no further than Downtown! You might even run into Lady A, how sweet would that be?



From Fillmore County to West Pam Beach, Florida, you can Flyaway with Lady A! What are you waiting for?!?