This is the weirdest thing I have read all day, and sort of tough to explain. The connection between Lyle-Pacelli and Spring Grove is uncanny, and it all happened in one gym.

Big thanks to Lee Epps of Bluff Country Newspapers who gave me the heads up on this and how it breaks down. Spring Grove was on a winning streak the last time they beat L/P. We have to take this all the way back to 2013 to see the beginning.

Jan. 18 2013 at Spring Grove - SG 71, L/P 60 - last SEC loss for L/P before launching current record-breaking winning streak

Feb. 10, 2014 at Spring Grove - L/P 68, SG 52 - L/P ends SG’s 86-game conference winning streak

Jan. 23, 2018 at Spring Grove - Lyle/Pacelli 82, Spring Grove 31 - L/P set new conference record with 87th consecutive SEC win, breaking SG’s 86-game record

WOW! That has to be a big coincidence, and a couple of huge winning streaks. Both of these teams have proven to dominate conference play, which can only bring one question. Who is next??

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