It was a little more than two years ago that RadioShack announced that it was filing for bankruptcy and closing nearly 1,800 stores. That included more than 20 stores in Minnesota, with a majority of those closings taking place in the Twin Cities. Now, the retailer of all kinds of cool and interesting technical and technological gadgets and devices is at it again.

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According to a story on the website, the chain is once again filing for bankruptcy and will close as many as 530 stores nationwide this time around. That list includes at least three more locations in Minnesota, with more to possibly join them.

The RadioShack store in Rochester's Apache Mall closed in early 2016, with the locations in Faribault and Owatonna closing shortly after that, according to a Rochester Post-Bulletin story. At this point, the nearest RadioShack for Rochester residents would be the one over in Austin. Of course, you can also purchase their products online!

Have you ever shopped at RadioShack? If they disappeared completely, would you even know?

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