I recently read an article on Only in Your State called "15 Things People From Minnesota Always Have To Explain To Out Of Towners".  I couldn't help but chuckle.  When I moved here from New York State, there were several things that had to be explained to this city girl.  I can relate to a few of them mentioned in the article:
Minneapolis is not the state capital.  Apparently I didn't pay attention in history class because I truly thought Minneapolis is the capital.  Oops.
Not everyone talks like they are from Fargo. Funny story here.  Friends could not understand why I walked out of the movie "Forrest Gump". I really, really do not like that movie.  I feel it makes fun of folks from the south by the way Forrest speaks.  My dad was from Alabama and he did not talk like that.  Then "Fargo" came on the scene and my newly-made Minnesota friends went "ahhhh, now I get it why you don't like Gump."
Most Minnesotans really don't like the Mall of America.  Yep, agree.  Not a fan.
Bug spray is a necessity.  Oh yes.  I can attest to that after receiving a nasty infection from gnat bites.
A few other things that had to be explained to me as an out-of-towner.  When driving, you wave to everyone, whether you know them or not; a full wave isn't a requirement, just a finger point will do.  Church dinners are a mainstay of Minnesota life; excellent fellowship and delicious food prepared by the church ladies.  Minnesotans mow the lawn; New Yorkers cut the grass.
I've lived here quite a while now.  I think I have Minnesota life figured out except for one thing - exactly what is the difference between a casserole and a hot dish?

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