This video is just unbelievable. This four-year-old girl holds on with all of her might, and doesn't let the wind take her away. I have no clue how she does it, but it is very acrobatic.

She holds on to the door with practically one hand, and swings with the door. Check it out for yourself, thanks to Fox News.

I honestly still can't believe it. She even held on long enough to not drop the iPhone/iPad down on to the concrete. She should probably sign up for gymnastics after this performance. Honestly, you have to give credit when credit is due. This is 100% impressive, and thankfully she was able to hang on, because that fall could have hurt, bad!

I have never seen anything like this, either. How hard does the wind have to blow for this to happen, too? I know the wind was howling here in south east Minnesota, but I don't think we would see this around here! The wind has to be blowing at the right direction and at a high enough speed. Wow! Glad everyone is okay!

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