With all the basketball being played in the high school and college ranks these days, I figured I'd give it a shot again. After a few trips down the floor, I figured my best shot at the highlight reel would be SportsCenter Not Top 10.

Last night, instead of going to bed early, I went to play some basketball with some of the guys at the gym in Mabel. I had my Timberwolves warm-up to warm up shooting before regular action started, but my shooting from the field is still not great. More on that later.

After about 3 trips up and down the court, I realized I'm still not in any good shape. Contributing to a loss in my first game on the court, I needed a breather and some of my

8th grade practice jersey

albuterol inhaler. After that and a bit of a snack, I got back on the court. On the back of my jersey, some of the letters are faded off so it looks like my name should be "AC." They could call me the "Air Conditioner" because I shoot so cold from the field.

I finally got my mojo going towards the end down low, although a couple threes were hit off me. Being clumsy, I did take a spill, but did not get as banged up as Devon did last year. Maybe KFIL announcers should play other sports. I did not contribute to winning any games, and would definitely never qualify for a KFIL Player of the Game award. As far as the 8th grade practice jersey I was wearing, I think that should be retired. Nobody should be forced to watch that again.

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