If you remember a few weeks back, my wondering eye caught some big things happening at the Preston City Hall. I was so confused has to why this was happening, and then I found out there was a new mural being put on City Hall!

With some help from our co-worker, Ilene, I was tipped off that the mural was getting close to being put up. So, I ran down to City Hall to take a look! I talked with some of the crew that was preparing the building for the new mural, and they were just taking down some of their equipment, and THEN the mural would be going up!

So, I was a little premature on my excitement, but the mural should be going up soon!

The mural looks fantastic, and you can sneak-peak some photos on the Preston Area Arts Council's Facebook Page! The mural is IN Preston, it just has to be put up on City Hall!

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