Get your sweet tooth ready. A new bakery is opening soon in Rochester, and it has a uniquely-Minnesota connection.


You might have seen the sign on the newly-remodeled Barlow Plaza, just east of Hy-Vee. It's for the new Nothing Bundt Cakes bakery, which is set to open soon. And seeing as the bundt cake pan is a Minnesota original, it should fit right in here in Rochester.

Nothing Bundt Cakes specializes in, as the name suggests, baking incredibly-delicious bundt cakes-- in all sizes. (Their website says they're the home of the 'most delicious bundt cakes ever!') The bundt cake, if you don't know, is a circular cake with a hole in the middle. It was invented here in Minnesota back in 1950.


This Nothing Bundt Cakes bakery actually bakes several versions of the bundt cake-- from what they call the 'Bundtini'-- a cupcake-sized cake they sell by the dozen, to the slight-larger 'Bundlets' as well as 10- and 8-inch versions.  The Rochester NBC bakery dropped off some Bunditini's for us to try here at station earlier this week, and they were REALLY good!

They're available in 40 designs and in 9 classic flavors including chocolate chocolate chip, red velvet, white chocolate raspberry and confetti. Their website says they make great gifts, and are the perfect for work events, holidays or other special occasion.

And while this isn't the first Nothing Bundt Cakes location in Minnesota-- there are several already operating in the Twin Cities-- the chain itself is actually based in Texas.

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