The beautiful and talented Miranda Lambert graces the cover of November's Redbook magazine that hits the newsstands October 24.  I came across a sneak-peek of Miranda's Redbook interview in which she talks about living in the limelight and the fact that she's not a "good famous person at all".  Miranda also mentions a favorite way to spend an evening at home is watching Shark Tank -  me too!  I found interesting her discussion of the 3 Ms she cannot live without.  Men used to be on that list but no longer. Now they are music, mutts and Miranda.  I like those picks!  It got me thinking about my 3 Ms.  The first two were very easy to come up with.  Mascara - I wear no other make-up but if I don't have mascara on when I leave the house, I truly feel naked. Meat -  give me a juicy ribeye steak or pork chop any day!  My  third M was a little more difficult to come up with.  Mod Podge - I love crafting and recently rediscovered decoupage.  You'll find at least a dozen bottles of Mod Podge on my craft table.  There you have it.  Miranda's and my 3 Ms.  We'd love to know- what are YOUR 3Ms that you simply cannot live without?

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