Wolves are the coolest animals in North America.

They're also the scariest.  Contrary to the myths about wolves attacking humans, they avoid us at all costs.  That's because we almost eliminated them because of those fears, and because livestock ranchers wanted to protect their animals.  After being placed on the federal endangered species list, the wolves have made an amazing comeback.  They now reside in many states, with Minnesota leading the way, in the lower 48, with about 2,500.  They're now listed as "threatened" in Minnesota, and a program was enacted to pay farmers for losses incurred when wolves attack their livestock.  That fund has now run out of money.  Of course, people should be compensated those attacks, and the state should take common-sense measures to keep the number of wolves at a reasonable level.  But let's not return to the days when the "Big Bad Wolf" gave people nightmares and open season is declared on these amazing animals.  To truly appreciate the mystical, beautiful creatures, take a canoe and camp in the Boundary Waters wilderness.  When you hear them howl, then you will understand and respect the incredible wolves of Minnesota.

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