If you love the movie "Little Big League", you are going to want to show up at the Rochester Honkers game on Saturday, June 26th in Rochester, Minnesota.  The star from the movie, Luke Edwards, who played Billy Heywood, will be there to meet fans and sign autographs.

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Castle Rock Entertainment
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Meet the star from "Little Big League" at the Rochester Honkers game on Saturday!

It's going to be a full night of baseball fun at the Rochester Honkers on Saturday.  According to the Rochester Honkers Facebook page, the star from "Little Big League" will be there ready to meet fans, sign autographs, and take photos.  The fun doesn't stop after the game either!  They will be playing the movie at the field for everyone at the game to enjoy.

Join the Honkers for Little Big League Night, Presented by Brothers Bar and Grill! We are hosting the Eau Claire Express (first pitch at 6:05) and showing the 1994 hit baseball movie Little Big Night following the game! As a bonus, we will have special guest, Luke Edwards (Billy Heywood) in the house that night! Luke will be signing autographs, taking pictures, participating in our in game promotions, and doing a Q and A prior to the movie! Tickets will go fast, so secure your seat now! - Rochester Honkers Facebook Event

Grab your tickets before they sell out for the Rochester Honker's game on Saturday.

Before you promise your kids that they'll be able to meet the star from "Little Big League", grab tickets at the Rochester Honkers website here.


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