You know it is summer in the midwest when people line their chairs up and lay blankets out to save their spot for the local parade.  I was driving through Wisconsin a few weekends ago, apparently on a soon-to-be parade route and there were bunches of chairs on the edges of curbs all down main street.  Just like in Rochester, chairs and blankets lined up staking claim to yards and cement slabs trusting that people will respect the "parade reserve rules" that don't exist.

And I know those chairs will start showing up on Friday for the Rochesterfest parade that is all set for Saturday, June 29th in Rochester, Minnesota.

Don't believe me, go drive the parade route Friday night.  You'll see what I'm talking about.  And in case you need it, you can find the parade route and all the Rochesterfest parade details here.


32 Items That Are Way Better Than Tootsie Rolls at a Minnesota Parades

If you are a business getting ready for the big candy-throwing day, I am going to plead with you NOT to buy Tootsie Rolls.  No one really wants those, especially those nasty fruit-flavored ones.  Instead of spending your dollars on those worthless pieces of candy, check out these items to throw at the parade-goers instead.

32 Items People Actually Want to Get at Parades Rather than Tootsie Rolls

Summer is here and with that are lots and lots of parades for you to enjoy. But, let's be real for a minute, no one wants any more Tootsie Rolls. If you are a company in a parade, read that again...NO ONE WANTS YOUR TOOTSIE ROLLS! Here's what we would rather see you throw at us at the parade.

Gallery Credit: Jessica On The Radio

What item do you want to get at a parade?

Is there something missing on the list that you'd love to get at a parade?  Let me know!  Send me a message over on my Facebook Page - Jessica On The Radio.

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Full List of Downtown Rochester Events for 2023

Can you feel it? The buzz is happening because outdoor fun is being planned again for downtown Rochester, Minnesota! The Rochester Downtown Alliance has been busy planning Rochester's favorite events and below is everything currently on the schedule for 2023! See more info and details at the Rochester Downtown Alliance website.

Gallery Credit: Jessica Williams

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