This past Sunday, the Mabel Community Center hosted the Mabel Ambulance Pancake Breakfast. It will for sure be an annual event, as seemingly everyone in town wanted some pancakes! There were about 250 that either ate there or took containers out to support the ambulance and crew.


Besides the food (there was plenty), the main attraction was the new ambulance. The Mabel Ambulance crew has had the vehicle since November 1st of last year! Other new equipment includes blood pressure cuffs and, through a grant, a LUCAS chest compression system.

Good Look

Were you unable to make it to breakfast on Sunday? There is something else you can do to help raise more money! There will be a raffle drawing during Steam Engine Days in September, with the top winner taking home $500. Tickets are just $10. I bought ticket #334 out of 500 raffle tickets - hurry up and contact any Mabel Ambulance member to get tickets before they run out!

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