Well, if you didn't know, I was lucky enough to celebrate my birthday Friday! It is a pretty funny story, really, on why my birthday is special.

So, my parents did not want an April Fools Baby. I am not sure what is wrong with it, but my parents just didn't want it. Well, as I was born, it just happened to be a couple minutes AFTER Midnight on April 1st.

Well, the doctor knew my parents did not want their baby to be born on April Fool's Day. So, the doctor looked at the clock and said - 11:56pm, March 31st.

Okay, so, there is no way to tell if the story is true. My father has been telling me this for year, it could be false. Yet, the more and more he tells it, the more and more I believe it.

A pretty weird story, but I think it is awesome because it makes my birthday unique! Not everyone can say that, am I right?

Does anyone else have a birthday that really isn't their birthday??

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