Yesterday at work, Luke and I were talking bowling. He's a sub on KFIL's team "Midnight Runners," that bowls on Wednesday nights at B&B Bowl in Preston. He mentioned that he was bowling last night; I said I would probably see him there.

This morning our conversation went something like this:

Luke:  Where were you last night? You didn't come to bowling.
Me:  No, I got busy with things at home. How did you bowl?
Luke:  First game I bowled 298.
Me:  You did not.
Luke:  Third game 300.
Me:  You did not. (I'm such a non-believer.)
Luke:  Yep.  822 total series. 300 the third game.
Me:  (Again...) You did not.

Then he showed me the video that Rachel Bernard took. YES! Luke bowled a 300! A perfect game! The first game score of 298 is amazing in itself, but to go on and bowl a 300! Wow! 298, 224 and 300 for an 822 series! Check it out for yourself!

I sure know how to pick bowlers to be on our team! Congratulations, Luke! I am so proud of you!

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