Maybe it is just me, but Spring just drives me nuts. Even though I absolutely love what spring is a symbol for, I just hate the weather. Honestly, it is horrible.

Some people love spring, and I get that, but I just don't understand how anyone can enjoy the weather. The beautiful days are few and far between, it seems. Maybe it is just a Minnesota thing, because the weather seems to change every which way, whenever it wants.

The beginning of the spring/end of winter is the worst, and it builds into a season where it rains every day, for a couple days, and then we randomly get a day that is 60 degrees and sunny.

Then, the next day, we go back to cloudy and rain, for a couple days.

It is true, and it is awful. At least we didn't have to deal with the half-melted snow. You know, the kind that just sits on the end of your driveway in a huge pile? Or right where you park and you step in happens to the best of us. Also (weird sidebar approaching), I can never decide when it is time to wear shorts! Yesterday was warm enough, today, not so much! When I want to wear shorts, I want to stay in shorts. I don't want to jump back and forth.

Sorry, that was my little rant about spring. Anyway, enjoy!

I will now turn my focus to summer, where it is too hot, and I sweat too much.

Fall, where are you when I need you?

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