Every day I check the Rochester Paws and Claws website and Facebook page.  Photos and stories of dogs awaiting adoption.  For the past year, I have tossed around in my head and heart whether or not I should adopt.  I've been blessed to be surrounded by dogs all my life.  As far back as I can remember, my family had dogs.  My dad pheasant hunted so we had beagles.  Thus, while I love most breeds of dogs, beagles are my favorite.  As  an adult, I've been owned by beagles, springer Spaniels, a lab-husky mix.  I lived next door to two bassets and a chow.  My niece had a dalmatian.  I'm a proud sitter to three of the best dogs anywhere.  Sometimes I get the feeling that I need a dog of my own to come home to, take walks with, snuggle with.  I thought I had reached the decision to move ahead once the weather is warmer.  But now, I'm rethinking that decision.  With all the stories of dogs going missing, being stolen, or being fed tainted food, I'm not ready to take on dog ownership just yet.  I cannot stand the thought of adopting a pup and becoming attached to it, and it to me, only to have something horrendous happen to it.  I pray that law enforcement will find the people mistreating these animals and bringing heartache to the animal's family.  My day will come.  I will know in my heart when the time is right to find my furbaby.  Until then, take a look at some of the furry friends I've had the pleasure of sharing my life with over the years.  There's nothing like dog love!

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