Luke Bryan announced on his twitter page that he would be singing the national anthem at Super Bowl 51 in Houston on Sunday, February 5th.

Bryan has some experience singing the national anthem at big events, he sang at the MLB All-Star game in 2012, with some controversy, though. Check it out for yourself thanks to MLB via YouTube:

You'll see at the 59 second mark, Bryan takes a peak at his hand. Now, doesn't that mean he doesn't know the words. Maybe he just needed a reminder so he didn't mess up. Yet, it did have some controversy because if you know that you are singing The Star-Spangled Banner, you would think you would practice it enough so you wouldn't need a reminder.

Bryan is also the first male to sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl since 2007, when Billy Joel sang The Star-Spangled Banner.

Do you like the idea of Bryan singing the national anthem, even though he had some criticism with it?

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