I am not quiet sure what Adrian Peterson was doing while he was on ESPN's First Take yesterday. He was listing off teams he would be interested in playing for IF things do not work out here in Minnesota.

You can watch the clip HERE.

Here is what he said:

“There’s a couple teams out there that I’ve thought about. … New York was one of them that popped up, Tampa Bay, lot of different teams. Houston would be a good spot,” Peterson said. “I’ll stop right there. … I’m just throwing random names out there.”

I understand that he said "IF", but c'mon man! While you are under contract with a team (That made you the highest paid running back by $10 million) you probably shouldn't go on national television and say which teams you would be interested in.

I think it is totally ridiculous that he listed off teams like the New York Giants, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Houston Texans. Granted, the Vikings will not pay the man $18 million next year, so if he doesn't renegotiate his contract, there is a good chance that he is going to be out of Minnesota next season.

Well, he isn't going to be getting that number from any other team, either. My guess is he would get around $5 to $6 million on the open market. That is for a running back that is over the age of 30, and is coming off an injury.

I think he will be gone after this season. I don't think he wants to be here, and frankly, if he isn't going to buy into what the Vikings are doing, he should be gone!

Do you think Peterson will be back in purple next season?

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