In case you missed all of the exciting game broadcasts, here is a list of January's Player of the Game winners.  Each winner receives a certificate suitable for framing and a certificate for a six-inch sub courtesy of your local Subway Restaurant.  Congratulations!

January 1      Kingsland  Kailey Link    Rushford-Peterson  Brianna Koop
January 7      St. Charles  Luke Leistikow   Caledonia   Owen King
January 11    Houston  Micah Schutte    Grand Meadow  Michael Stejskal
January 12    Chatfield  Megan LaPlante   Fillmore Central  Kendyl Bennett
January 14    Spring Grove   Chase Grinde    Houston   Jeremiah Johnson
January 15    Leroy-Ostrander   Josh Royston   Mabel-Canton   Wayne Ross
January 15    Leroy-Ostrander   Samantha Siskow   Mabel-Canton   Coranda Vickerman
January 18    Mabel-Canton   Coranda Vickerman   Spring Grove   Kelsey Hermanson
January 19    Lewiston-Altura  Cullin Neeck    D-E  Garrett Studer  Brady Pankonin
January 21    Caledonia   Mariah Schroeder    Rushford-Peterson  Nicole Blagsvedt
January 22    Lanesboro  Carson Schwichtenberg   Fillmore Central  Trace Tollefson
January 22    Fillmore Central  Kenzie Broadwater   Grand Meadow  Jordyn Glynn
January 23    Southland  Sydney Bendtsen   Lyle-Pacelli   Sarah Holtz
January 23    Southland  Josh Anderson   Lyle-Pacelli   Noah Jiskra
January 23    Minneapolis North  Isaac Johnson  Rushford-Peterson  Matt Culhane
January 26    Dover-Eyota  Madison Nelson   P-E-M  Sarah Hart
January 29    Kingsland   Quinn Larson   Chatfield  Tristin Aguiar

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