Take a look at the picture to the left. See the open door? The one behind the fence among the fire rubble? For thirteen years I used that door to go to my job at B&B Bowl in Preston. Now it's fenced in. If only the walls in what's left of the building could talk!   On second thought, maybe it's better they can't! I could share hundreds of memories with you about my time spent at the B&B.

Better yet, I took an informal Facebook poll and asked friends and customers to share memories and what they miss most about "the alley". Take my hand and walk with me down memory lane to enjoy sentiments expressed by these terrific folks!

About the people:

Lois Olson "I miss you guys". We miss you too Lois!

From Gina Brusse Lindeland "I just miss the people - the regulars, the families coming to town, the coffee drinkers, beer drinkers and the lunch/supper crowds and my coworkers"!

Heather Senjem remarked "miss having somewhere to go where people know who you are and genuinely care about your day!". That we do, Heather!

One of our newest friends, Patricia Loveland "really miss seeing everyone that has made me feel like family, and of course can't forget the great food!"

Brandi Lee Olson misses a lot! "I miss Paul's hugs and Shelly's smile every time I came in. I miss Paul coming to my table to tell me he has another joke for me! Miss the food and family atmosphere! It's really hard not to miss all of it!"

Former employee and friend Deana Copeman "We miss everything about the alley. Most of all it was our meeting spot when all of our friends came home. Brooke misses the special flower pancakes Shelly and Shawna would make her".

Apparently B&B is a better dating site than Match.com!

Toni Hanson says "I met my boyfriend there and he is still around so I can't miss him but if it wasn't for the B&B, I wouldn't have the life I do today" - she said with a smile!

Another love bird, Char Diethelm Hanson agreed "If it weren't for the B&B, I never would have met my wonderful husband or even stayed in this area if Shelly hadn't given me a job! Thanks, Shelly!"

Former employee Jen Dowling got lucky too! "That's where I met Garry! 14 years ago this month!"

An anonymous person said "I miss date night with my spouse"!

Not to be left out - food - and of course, bowling!

Long time friend, Deb Finseth "Miss seeing all of my bowling friends! Also miss seeing the workers of B&B - they always had a "hello" and smile for you when you walked through the door!" That's because we were happy to see all of you, Deb!

Cassie Keene and her daughter had this to say "Jezlyn misses Shelly and Tommy's Mickey Mouse pancakes. I tried to make some and she said that's okay mom you tried.Out of the mouth of a wise three year old. Jezlyn said "That's really sad the bowling alley burned down. Now we have to help build the bowling alley again cuz that's what friends do!" We love you, Miss Jezlyn!

Smart alec Bob Shaffer put a different twist on things! "I miss the ten pin. Which really isn't all that unusual. I miss the ten pin all the time. But most of all I miss that same group of people I got to see almost every week for the past 12 years. I miss playing "Come on Eileen" on the jukebox and saying "God bless ya Ilene" each time a fresh round of adult beverages showed up at our table". I miss you too, Bobber.

Where would our kids have been without Cristal Adkins? "I spent almost every Saturday of the school year there for the last 15 years.   First with the junior bowlers then the high school team. I miss the friends I made there. Shelly's fabulous breakfast and smiling face. Ilene's cheery greeting, and all the kids. I'm sure I learned more from them than they ever did from me, but we always had fun".

Good friend Tonja Lawler had this to say "I miss Shelly's breakfast and a feeling of being home! You could have breakfast in your PJ's or hungover! It didn't matter, they were always nice to you. They always knew my order, never had to tell them! It was like eating at home!"

Never at a loss for words, Devon Krueger misses "the Cuban wrap that I helped create, and the chicken bacon melt. Of course, the Wednesday night bowling crew."

And finally, Julie Pickett has many memories "Always had a great time bringing the grandkids and other family members over to bowl. Pizza was good and just fun to hang out there. I grew up going to the bowling alley either bowling, playing foosball or pool. Miss everyone I know from there as well".

It is because of these customers, these friends, these memories that we need and want to rebuild and reopen and get rid of that fence. But we need your help to accomplish this. We want to extend an invitation to all of you to attend our fundraiser at Wheeler's Bar in Harmony on March 5. We'll have so many great items for our silent and live auction, music with DJ Digger, scrumptious food and fun, fun, fun! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you all and hope to see you there!

Did you miss our fundraiser last month? Here's some video of the event!

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