It's winter and, if you work indoors, the temperatures that are falling quicker than snowflakes should make you grateful.

Construction worker. Gas station attendant. Sanitation worker. Crossing guard. These are just some of the jobs.where you may have to stand outside in the frigid cold so long you won't remember if all of your toes are still attached by the time you head back indoors.

These jobs may be tough, but they're needed. After all, someone's gotta help put up these buildings, fill the tanks, empty the trash and get the kids to school.

Just because the thermometer may dip to single digits doesn't mean the world stops, so while we wipe a space-heated-induced brow that we're not among those folks who have to double check to make sure all their fingers are still there once they're off the clock, let's give thanks to those people who are.

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