It is National Brother's Day, and that means you have to give a shoutout to your brother! It always National EMS Week, which if you didn't know, also included giving a shoutout to my brother.

Maybe that is too many brother shoutouts, but who cares, we are rolling with another one!

My brother, Justin, is way too nice of a person. He is giving not only in his career, but he also allows me to live in his basement, which is pretty sweet if you ask me. Maybe it makes me sound like a bum, but you know what, that is okay. That just means I get to hang out with his dog all the time, and there is nothing wrong with that!

So, on this particular day we have to give a shoutout to our brothers, so if you have one, make sure you make the shoutout count. It is important to do that not only for our brothers, but all of our family members that have helped us out through some difficult times.

Life is always moving, and there is always something going on. Yet, there is something to be said about sitting down on the couch, cracking a beer, and watching a game with your brother. You may sit in silence, or talk back and for throughout the entire game. Either way, there is nothing better.

Now enjoy National Brother's Day!

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