Yesterday in the KFIL Studio, something very, very creepy happened to me. Take a look for yourself:

I couldn't believe it, but I almost knew it was going to happen! It was just one of those creepy feelings you get every once in a while. From Line 6, to Line 1, to Line 2, to Line 3. How crazy is that?!?

I was legitimately creep-ed out. I thought someone else was looking right over my shoulder. If that happens again, I might just have to run out of the studio and never come back.

As there been other happenings of this ghost in the KFIL Studio in Preston? Not that I know of, but some odd stuff happens every now and then, and I am starting to think this ghost has it out for me.

Have you ever had an experience like this?? I wish I would have gotten the entire happening on video....actually, I am okay with not reliving it!

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