The longer I live in Minnesota, the more I find out how haunted it is. Recently I took a trip to Duluth, and after spending a few days up there, I learned that Lake Superior is one of the most haunted bodies of water not only in Minnesota but in the United States.

On the Reader's Digest website, Lake Superior found itself in the top 10 haunted lakes in the world. They claim that in 1985 a ship sank to the bottom of the lake and crew members were lost. Apparently, folks have spotted a "ghost ship" in the distance on foggy days. The tail is that the captain still sails the waters.

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Adventure Sports Network claims there are quite a few ghost sightings on or near Lake Superior. They call it the "Graveyard of the Great Lakes." This article states that divers found a ship at the bottom of the lake. While exploring, there were ghosts following them around. Also, they say if you go to Marquette Harbor Lighthouse, you might be lucky enough to see the ghost of a little girl. People have claimed that she sits and looks into the distance of the lake.

I even took a gander on YouTube and stumbled across this video of a "ghost ship" someone caught on camera while on Lake Superior. So I guess you can say there are a lot of souls hanging around that lake. What blows my mind is there are probably a lot of ships that have wrecked on this massive lake that we don't know about. That means there are more ghost tales for us to seek out over the years.

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