When I think of Lanesboro, hippie might be the last word that I think of to describe it. What say you?

The website, Only In Your State, had a post that mentioned Lanesboro as the "Most Hippie Town in Minnesota". Although the website is quite complementary of Lanesboro and entices people to come and visit, which I highly recommend as well, I just don't see Lanesboro as a hippie town.

If you are looking to float down the Root River, or hit up the Root River Trail with your bike, Lanesboro is a great place to go. Is it full of art? Absolutely, but I wouldn't consider it hippie.

Again, I may be completely wrong here, but it just feel like a hippie atmosphere. I love Lanesboro, who doesn't? Yet, hippie? I don't think so.

The site also brings up how beautiful the area is, and I am still trying to figure out how having beautiful scenery makes it hippie? Great town, bad describing word.

What say you?

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