It’s a little-known fact that this year’s Super Bowl, or what I am legally required to refer to as The Big Game™, is happening right here in Minnesota! Did you know that? While it’ll be cool to see the North Star State capture the world’s attention for a few hours on Sunday, one thing is absolutely certain: the announcers will definitely play into our stereotypes. It’s guaranteed to happen. But since I have no legitimate rooting interest in the actual game itself (other than desperately hoping the Patriots lose), I thought us Minnesotans could have a little fun with our very own drinking game. And if you don’t drink, don’t worry – you can still play along with water, soda, milk, or a can of La Croix. The choice is yours.

So without further adieu, here is your unofficial Minnesota Super Bowl Drinking Game Minnesota The Big Game© Drinking Game™:

Anytime the announcers mention how cold it is in Minnesota (did you know it’s sometimes cold here??) – drink once

“Lutefisk” – drink three times

“Minnesota Nice” – drink once (please drink responsibly)

Whenever an announcer imitates a Minnesota accent – drink once

“Don’t CHA know” – drink once

“OOFDAH!” – drink five times

“Prince is from Minnesota” – drink once

Justin Timberlake covers a Prince song – finish your drink and it might sound OK

“Tom Brady has family in Minnesota! Wonder who they’re rooting for tonight, huh, Al?” – drink twice

If the announcers talk about how U.S. Bank Stadium has a bird murdering problem – drink twice

A shot of the Stone Arch Bridge – drink once

Any joke about how the visiting football players probably shopped at the Mall of America this week! LOL – drink once

“Ice Fishing” – drink once

Anytime the Twins, Timberwolves, or Wild are mentioned – drink once

Anytime the Minneapolis Lakers or North Stars are mentioned – drink three times

Whenever an announcer mentions the Minnesota Vikings – finish your drink while holding back tears

“Land of 10,000 Lakes!” – drink once

Any mention of the downtown Minneapolis skyways – drink twice

Any reference to Fargo finish your drink

If “hotdish” is mentioned – drink once (and take a bite of your hotdish)

Shot of the Mary Tyler Moore statue – drink twice

A shot of the Spoonbridge and Cherry – drink once

B-roll footage of people ice skating outside – drink once

Any mention of the Metrodome – drink out of a beer can that probably looks like the Metrodome

Any mention of the Minneapolis Miracle – finish your #$%#$^ case

Again, please drink responsibly. The number for Minnesota Poison Control is (800) 222-1222. Just FYI.

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