I am not from Iowa, but what the Iowa State University might have just had the greatest tweet of all time.

The original tweet shows someone tweeting a picture of two Strawberry Pop-Tarts on the outside of a cheese sandwich. Yeah, the original tweeter said and we quote:

"You ain't from Iowa if you never had one of these"

I can't name one person who has that has ever ate anything close to that. It is like a strawberry-filled grilled cheese. The reply from Iowa State is just magnificent.

Yes. Thank you. Thank you for telling this person that they did not make a great decision when the original tweeter made this  "so-called" sandwich.

Honestly, the state of Iowa just pushed themselves away from anything close to "one of these" and I applaud them for that. You won't ever find me applauding Iowa again, though.

The best part is that the original tweeter actually attends Iowa State University, so that makes it even better.

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