Are you ok?  Did you check-in on Facebook and let everyone know how you are doing today after the world seemed to shutdown on Monday?

If you missed it, we had a few issues on Monday in the social media world.  Some of the top apps where we connect with others and sometimes share photos of our food crashed, including Facebook and Instagram.  Twitter though was working just fine and threw out a little "hello literally everyone" as a Tweet.  What happened next led to 3.2 million likes and 187.6 thousand quote tweets...and some extremely hilarious comments.

Most hilarious tweets that happened on Twitter when Facebook decided to crash

18 of the Best Tweets that Happened While Facebook Was Down

While the world was panicking when Facebook wouldn't load, a bunch of people and companies went to Twitter to share their opinion...and well, check-in to see how everyone was doing. Twitter started the conversation and the thread right now has 3.2 million likes. The comments though on the account will have you laughing out loud because they are just hilarious.

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10 things that you can do the next time Facebook and Instagram shuts down

I'm guessing people were fired over what happened on Monday but if it happened once, it will probably happen again.  Always be prepared, that's what my grandparents would have written to me in a handwritten note back in the day before social media was a thing.  That is actually something that should be on the list.  Sadly, I'm not sure if people know how to write a letter or where to put a stamp on an envelope so it didn't make the list.  But, there are 10 other things that you could do when the shutdown happens again.  Scroll through those and...well, be prepared.

10 Things You Now Have Time to Do When You Aren't On Facebook

I love Facebook but realized during the latest outage throughout the country that I now have time to do SO MANY other things! Here's 10 things that I did while Facebook was recently working on the little bug that shut the entire system down throughout the world. You could do these too! Actually, you do just log off now and do these.

50 Reasons Why Facebook is Annoying

You might get annoyed by Facebook, but did you check Facebook today? For most people, that answer is "Yes". I asked around though to see if people love Facebook or get annoyed by it more and the resounding answer from people in Minnesota was "ANNOYING" and here are 50 reasons why.

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