Section 1 had been filled with talented volleyball teams all year long, and that remains true as we head into the final week or so of the season.

For Section 1A, it is the same four teams ranked that we have seen for more of the year, but in a little different order.

Class A Rankings:

1. Mayer Lutheran (15) - 239
2. Waterville-Elysian-Morristown - 222
3. Minneota (1) - 211
4. Carlton - 193
5. Mabel-Canton - 163
6. Kittson County Central - 151
7. Kenyon-Wanamingo - 138
8. Caledonia - 123
9. Medford - 91
10. Canby - 34

Mabel-Canton's Lonnie Morken earned his 700th career win this season and has his team poised to make another run at a section title with stellar athletes like Kenidie McCabe and Sarina Storz who have continued some great play for the Cougars. They are a deep team that can score and defend from all parts of the floor.

Kenyon-Wanamingo came into the season ranked 1st in the state, but after a couple of tough losses to teams ranked in Class AA, the Knights have fallen in the standings. Don't let that fool you, The Knights can hit it, and look to take control of the West Subsection.

Caledonia has been stellar all year long, winners of their last 16 matches have only fallen to Kenyon-Wanamingo and Centennial. Expect them to make some noise in the playoffs.

Medford was the Class A Runner Up a year ago, and bring back nearly their entire team. With seven losses, they have played some tough competition but will look utilize it as a way to grow as a team as the playoffs come around.

Fillmore Central, Spring Grove, Grand Meadow, Goodhue, and Lanesboro will all look to make some noise in the postseason.


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