The Fillmore County Deputies Association Facebook Page is a fantastic follow, there is no doubt about that. They are always issuing reminders, and with the holiday weekend coming up, they wanted to give you a great reminder and a special offer!

This is flat out hilarious, and a great reminder to be safe this weekend. It is the unofficial last weekend of summer, as schools will be starting up very soon and people will get back into their routines. With that celebration taking place, it is a great time to remind you to make smart decisions, don't drink and drive or else you could spend an extra night in jail!

Now, do I recommend you take them up on their special offer? No. Will some people take them up on their offer? Probably. Don't be one of those people, and stay safe this holiday weekend!

Also, this isn't the first time the Fillmore County Deputies Association has had some fun on their Facebook Page.

These deputies are really the best!

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